The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia is also known as the IEM. It is a professional learned society serving more than 20,000 members in Malaysia, overseas and the communities in, which they work. It has many branches throughout the nation with one in Sabah (IEM(S)) itself. IEM(S) has more than 1,000 members under its care, overlooking all aspects of professional engineering practice and development and also the welfare of members.

Objectives of IEM


  • To promote and advance the theory and practice of engineering and its discipline;
  • To raise the character and status and advance the interests of the profession;
  • To increase the confidence of the community in the employment of recognized engineers by admitting to the institution only such persons who have adequate knowledge of both theory and practice of engineering;
  • To promote honest practice, prevent malpractice and settle dispute points of practice and ethics;
  • To collect and disseminate engineering information;
  • To arrange lectures, exhibitions, seminars and courses;
  • Encourage the study of engineering and improve the general and technical knowledge of persons engaged in the profession;
  • To originate and promote improvements in legislation and its administration by deputations, submission and represents.

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